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GL3D Class Reference

#include <GL3D.h>

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Detailed Description

The representation of a 3D model

Definition at line 34 of file GL3D.h.

Public Member Functions

void fakefct_1 ()
void fakefct_10 (GLfloat *, GLfluint *)
void fakefct_2 ()
void fakefct_3 ()
void fakefct_4 ()
void fakefct_5 (int)
void fakefct_6 (int, int)
void fakefct_7 (int, int)
void fakefct_8 (double, double)
void fakefct_9 (GLfloat, GLfluint)

Public Attributes

GLuint anim_ok
double ArrayNorVer [6 *20000]
GLfloat ArrayNorVer [6 *20000]
GLuint Axe_x
GLuint Axe_y
GLuint Axe_z
GLuint btdroit
GLuint btgauche
GLuint btmilieu
QString coefficient_n
GLuint colortype
QString condition_expression
GLuint count
GLuint coupure_col
GLuint coupure_ligne
QString cylindrical_expression
QString expression_implicite
QString expression_S
QString expression_T
QString expression_W
QString expression_X
QString expression_X_2
QString expression_X_save
QString expression_Y
QString expression_Y_2
QString expression_Y_save
QString expression_Z
QString expression_Z_2
QString expression_Z_save
FunctionParser f1
GLuint height
GLuint IDGlWindow
QString inf_u
QString inf_u_2
QString inf_v
QString inf_v_2
QString keyboard
GLuint latence
GLuint morph_ok
FunctionParser myParser
FunctionParser myParser_condition
FunctionParser myParser_cylindrical
FunctionParser myParser_spherical
FunctionParser myParserS
FunctionParser myParserT
FunctionParser myParserW
FunctionParser myParserX
FunctionParser myParserX_2
FunctionParser myParserY
FunctionParser myParserY_2
FunctionParser myParserZ
FunctionParser myParserZ_2
GLuint nb_colone
GLuint nb_ligne
QString newfct
GLuint old_x
GLuint old_y
GLuint old_z
GLuint PolyIndices [4 *20000]
GLuint PolyNumber
QString quotient
QString spherical_expression
QString sup_u
QString sup_u_2
QString sup_v
QString sup_v_2
GLuint timer_id
GLuint VertexNumber
GLuint width

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