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Scene Struct Reference

#include <glviewer.h>

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Detailed Description

************* A new Structure the scene *********///

Definition at line 84 of file glviewer.h.

Public Attributes

GLint anim
GLfloat * ArrayNorVer_localPt
GLfloat * ArrayNorVer_localPtCND
GLint axe
 Draw line on top of filled polygons.
GLuint axeliste
GLint back
GLint border
GLint box
GLuint boxliste
GLint clip
GLint cndmesh
GLint condition
GLint drawcnd
GLint exterior
GLint front
GLfloat * goldcol
GLfloat * greencol
GLint infos
GLint interior
GLint line
GLint mesh
 Triangle or.
GLfloat morefloat [10]
GLfloat * morefloatpt [10]
GLuint moreliste [10]
GLuint * morelistept [10]
GLint morph
GLuint * NbPolygnNbVertexPt
GLint norm
GLint plan
GLuint planliste
GLuint * PolyIndices_localBorderCND
GLuint * PolyIndices_localNotVerifyCND
GLuint * PolyIndices_localPt
GLuint * PolyIndices_localVerifyCND
GLint PolyNumber
GLint PolyNumberBorderCND
GLint PolyNumberNotVerifyCND
GLint PolyNumberVerifyCND
GLint smoothline
GLint smoothpoly
GLint typedrawing

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